Thursday, 14 February 2013

Love & Live Naturally

         As we are created naked by almighty, what’s wrong in doing things naturally? Hope it does creates more awareness on physical forms and we would accept people  as friends as they are, without any discrimination of shape, color, status, education, religion, country. We like minded people are united by a single tag called " Naturists ".

The real friendship glows in Naturism. Even kids would get healthy mind set towards our Nude body as nothing is hidden to create more attraction on Naked physical Bodies. We have to enjoy body freedom and appreciate our Nude Bodies as a Lovely Art work of Almighty!


 I'm always impressed by this lovely quote......

 "I have an absolute belief in the expressive power of the human body and a never-tiring devotion to the dignity of nudity".  (Pablo Picasso)

"I'm a Naturist and I love it"

Benefits of Naturism

There are times when clothing is physically uncomfortable. Nudity, on the other hand, is often much more comfortable.

Nudism, by freeing the body, helps free the mind and spirit. An irrational clothes- compulsiveness may inhibit psychological growth and health.

Nudism promotes wholeness of body, rather than setting aside parts of the body as unwholesome and shameful.

The nudist, literally, has nothing to hide. He or she therefore has less stress, a fact supported by research.

Clothing hides and therefore creates mystery and ignorance about natural body processes, such as pregnancy, adolescence, and aging. Children (and even adults) who grow up in a nudist environment have far less anxiety about these natural processes than those 
who are never exposed to them.

Children are not born with any shame about nudity. They learn to be ashamed of their
own nudity.  Shame, with respect to nudity, is relative to individual situations and customs, not absolute.

Shame comes from being outside mores, not from specific actions or conditions.  Because nudity is unremarkable in a nudist setting, nudists may even forget that they are nude and often do.

Naturism promotes physical health & mental health.

Nudity is often more comfortable and practical than clothing.

In the Sun

Clothing hides the natural diversity of human body shapes and sizes. When people are never exposed to nudity, they grow up with misunderstandings and unrealistic expectations about the body based on biased or misinformed sources--for instance, from advertising or mass media.

Clothing harbors and encourages the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Clothing hides the natural beauty of the human body, as created by God.

Clothing makes people look older, and emphasizes rather than hides unflattering body characteristics.

Medical research has linked clothing to an increased susceptibility to bites and stings by animals such as ticks and sea lice, which hide in or get trapped in clothing.

Clothing fashions throughout history, especially for women, have often been damaging to physical and psychological health.

Naturism is a socially constructive philosophy.

Naturists tend to be especially accepting of other people, just as they are. This is an attitude that is undoubtedly related to the fact that Naturists are generally more accepting of their own bodies, just as they are, than the general public.

Naturism is healthy for the family.

Research shows that children who grow up in a nudist setting tend to be more self-confident, more self accepting, and more sexually well-adjusted. They feel better about their bodies, and more comfortable with their sexuality.

Naturism is especially consistent with feminism and the struggle for women's freedom.

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  1. You are Right. We are created nude. Then why we should live with cloths?

  2. Thanks. So Enjoy Naturism forever friend :)